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We take our role as an innovator very seriously and create special solutions appropriate for the markets for you – always on the pulse of time!

Our motto is simple: Find solutions today for the problems of tomorrow. We do not just want to follow the digital revolution – we actively shape it! Through a broadly diversified network of partners, we are able to generate unique synergy effects and to enter completely new paths in the financial market.


The combination of expert knowledge coupled with experience in the financial sector, economic consultancy and auditing empowers us to offer our customers the highest level of competence and enables tailor-made, profitable and pragmatic solutions.


Faruk Imsak

Faruk Imsak
President of the Board of Directors

German, Turkish, English


Professional Experience

For 15 years Faruk Imsak has been employed as Assistant Vice President at a leading Swiss bank. In his capacity as Credit Risk Manager in the Lombard loan department among other tasks he analysed portfolios with structured products, stocks, bonds, hedge funds and was responsible for quantifying credit risks. 

Thanks to his many years of experience in the financial sector and further education at Lindau specialist college with the University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification, he has an extensive network as well as specialist technical knowledge and experience.

Eddie Egloff

Eddie Egloff
Member of the Board of Administration

German, English


Professional Experience

After completing his commercial banking education, Eddie Egloff started his career in the international raw material business. This covered all main divisions such as finance, currency trading, shipping and trading.

As one of the founder members of the largest group in the raw material business, he had worldwide responsibilities in the field of non-ferrous commodities, mainly copper, zinc and lead, and, at a later stage, also in the soft commodities sector, including in grain and sugar. He is presently performing a consultancy role in the field of mining and raw material production.Thanks to his decades of experience in the raw material business, he has acquired considerable expertise in the field, in addition to many important international contacts in the business sector.


Murat S. Argun

Murat S. Argun
Member of the Board of Directors

Murat Selman Argun, Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Business Administration, University of Alabama, USA

Turkish, English, German


Professional Experience

Murat S. Argun has done a distinctive job in building great solutions capabilities and key customer relationships at internationally leading banks.

Proven track record over many years of experience as Member of the Senior Management for Private Banking in Europe, Middle East & Asia Regions, including many years of experience in representative roles for Swiss Banks. 

Thanks to his many years of experience in the financial sector and constant further training, as well as specialist technical knowledge and experience he also has an extensive network in the sector. 


Sandra Thomas

Sandra Thomas
Executive Assistent

German, English, Malayalam


Professional Experience

Sandra Thomas obtained her Swiss Certificate of Proficiency in Business (certified Kauffrau) at a renowned, international Swiss media company.

Due to her experience working with the latest electronic media technology in an innovative environment, Sandra is highly versed in planning and advisory tasks as well as the development of ideas and concepts, and execution and control processes.

Backed by her in-depth knowledge and extensive skills in marketing and communication, Sandra works as an Executive Assistant in the operational and strategic business sector.


Dicle Hacikoglu

Dicle Hacikoglu
Listing Expert

Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Business Administration, University of Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish, English, German


Professional Experience

After graduating with a BSc from the University of Istanbul, Dicle Hacikoglu started her professional career at a renowned German consulting company in development and process design in an international environment. She then took on responsibility for various ambitiousclient projects. 

Thanks to this valuable experience, she has deep knowledge of business processes and information processing in various industries. What’s more, her practical project management skills stand her in good stead. Our clients benefit from her outstanding didactic skills, which she honed as a Turkish teacher at a language school located in Zurich. She makes special use of her communications expertise in our customer seminars.


Nirusha Thilaganathan

Nirusha Thilaganathan 
Accountancy and Administration

German, English, French, Tamil


Professional Experience

Following her professional training as a management assistant qualified to Swiss Federal Diploma level, Nirusha Thilaganathan worked in a consultancy firm for the public services in the accounting and administrative function. She then transferred to public administration.

While working in these positions, she obtained a profound insight into accountancy and other interesting disciplines within business administration. Her enthusiasm for numbers inspired her to continue her training as an accountancy and tax clerk, which is a very well-known and popular professional qualification in Switzerland.

Thanks to her training and experience, she possesses excellent knowledge of administrative business processes and the way they are practised within the IT industry. For this reason, she is a real asset to our company.


Elena Krumholz

Elena Krumholz 
Customer consultant

Russian, German, English


Professional Experience 

Elena Krumholz has several successful years of experience in advising international companies in the field of approval of medical devices and medication, joint ventures with German partners as well as medicinal administration for the Russian and Chinese markets.

Additionally she lectures at the Martinex academy in Moscow on the latest developments in procedures for aesthetic medicine.

In her role as a partner for GIZ, the German Corporation for International Cooperation, she often accompanies state delegations to Russia and China to initiate new projects and relationships in the aforementioned fields.  


Jeanna Stäubli

Jeanna Stäubli
Customer Consultant

Licentiate degree in law at Donetsk National University, Ukraine

Russian, German, English


Professional Experience 

After completing her studies in law, Jeanna Stäubli worked as a legal advisor for various companies in Ukraine. Upon her arrival in Switzerland, she shifted her focus to bringing up her family. At the same time, however, she continued to support her husband in his business activities, providing him in particular with advice in legal matters.

Thanks to this experience, she has established an excellent network that she can utilise to its full extent as a client consultant at our company. She provides targeted support to our clients and legal advice whenever necessary.


Tenzin Kaning

Tenzin Kaning

German, English


Professional Experience

Tenzin Kaning recently completed her professional training as a retail specialist qualified to Swiss Federal Diploma level. During her professional training, she was introduced to disciplines including sales consulting, customer services, merchandise management and merchandise display.

Tenzin Kaning now wishes to add depth to her commercial knowledge.

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Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Art. 1 Zweck und Geltungsbereich

Art. 2 Gegenstand und Leistungen

Art. 3 Vertragsschluss

Art. 4 Preise

Die über die Verkaufskanäle zugänglichen bzw. dort ausgewiesenen oder mitgeteilten Preise für die Dienstleistungen der SMMS verstehen sich im Fall der Schweizer Firmen exklusive Mehrwertsteuer.

Art. 5 Bezahlung

Art. 6 Abwicklung der Rückgabe und Rückerstattung

Im Fall vom Abbruch der Zusammenarbeit zwischen SMMS und dem Kunden werden die in Vergangenheit bezahlte Dienstleistungen nicht zurückerstattet.

Art. 7 Pflichten des Kunden

Art. 8 Gewährleistung

Art. 9 Haftung des Kunden

Art. 10 Abwerbeverbot

Art. 11 Legitimationsprüfung

Art. 12 Mitteilungen der SMMS

Die Mitteilungen der SMMS gelten als ordnungsgemäss, rechtsgültig und als erfolgt, wenn sie an die letzte vom Kunden bekanntgegebene Adresse abgesandt worden sind.

Art. 13 Mitteilungen des Kunden

Über Änderungen des Namens, der Adresse, der Kontaktund Korrespondenzangaben des Kunden, bzw. seiner Vertreter sowie über den Widerruf von erteilten Vollmachten oder Zeichnungsberechtigungen hat der Kunde die SMMS unverzüglich zu informieren.

Art. 14 Einholen von Kundeninformation

Art. 15 Datenschutz

Art. 16 Übermittlungsfehler

Art. 17 Gesprächsaufzeichnungen

Die SMMS hat das Recht, Telefongespräche aufzuzeichnen. Sie kann diese als Beweismittel verwenden.

Art. 18 Ausführung von Aufträgen

Die SMMS haftet nicht bei mangelhafter oder verspäteter Ausführung oder bei Nichtausführung von Aufträgen im Zusammenhang mit der Erfüllung gesetzlicher Verpflichtungen (insbesondere gemäss Sorgfaltspflichtgesetz).

Art. 19 Beanstandungen

Art. 20 Steuerliche und allgemeine rechtliche Aspekte

Der Kunde ist für die ordentliche Versteuerung seiner Vermögenswerte sowie der daraus generierten Erträge nach den an seinem Steuerdomizil geltenden Bestimmungen selbst verantwortlich. Er ist für die Einhaltung von auf ihn anwendbaren gesetzlichen Vorschriften (einschliesslich der Steuergesetze) verantwortlich, und er hält solche gesetzlichen Vorschriften jederzeit ein. Namentlich ist eine Haftung der SMMS für steuerliche Auswirkungen ausgeschlossen.

Art. 21 Auslagerung von Geschäftsbereichen

Die SMMS behält sich vor, Geschäftsbereiche ganz oder teilweise auszulagern (Outsourcing). Im Rahmen der Auslagerung von Geschäftsbereichen ist die SMMS auch ohne ausdrückliche schriftliche Zustimmung des Kunden berechtigt, Kundendaten an die von ihr beauftragten Dienstleister zu übermitteln. Das Kundengeheimnis bleibt vollumfänglich gewahrt.

Art. 22 Geheimhaltung

Art. 23 Kündigung

Die SMMS ist berechtigt, bestehende Geschäftsbeziehungen jederzeit nach freiem Ermessen und ohne Angabe von Gründen aufzuheben, wenn der Kunde mit einer Leistung in Verzug ist.

Art. 24 Feiertage

Grundsätzlich gelten die weltweit anerkannten Feiertage. Da sich die Emittenten in verschiedenen Ländern befinden, muss jede Vertragspartei auf die Feiertage der Gegenpartei Rücksicht nehmen. Angebote über die SMMS können jederzeit abgegeben werden.

Art. 25 Sprache

Massgebliche Sprache für die Geschäftsbeziehung ist Deutsch. Bei fremdsprachigen Texten gilt der deutschsprachige Text als massgebend und als Auslegungshilfe.

Art. 26 Schlussfolgerungen

Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Art. 1 Purpose and Scope 


Art. 2 Subject Matter and Services


Art. 3 Conclusion of contract


Art. 4 Prices

The prices for the services that are accessible via the sales channels or indicated therein or communicated otherwise are the prices excluding VAT for the Swiss companies. 


Art. 5 Payment


Art. 6 Return and Refund Processes

In the event of termination of the collaboration between SMMS and the Customer, the services paid in the past will not be refunded. 


Art. 7 Customer’s obligations


Art. 8 Warranty


Art. 9 Customer’s liability


Art. 10 Non-solicitation


Art. 11 Legitimation check


Art. 12 Notifications by SMMS

The notices sent by SMMS are deemed valid, legal and duly served if and when sent to the latest address notified by the Customer.


Art. 13 Notifications by the Customer

The Customer must notify SMMS without delay of any changes to the title, address, contact and correspondence details of the Customer itself or its representatives as well as the revocation of granted authorizations or withdrawal of signing authorities. 


Art. 14 Collection of customer data


Art. 15 Data protection


Art. 16 Transmission errors


Art. 17 Recording of calls

SMMS is entitled to record telephone conversations. It can use such records as evidence.


Art. 18 Execution of orders

SMMS shall not be liable for any defective or late execution or non-execution of orders in terms of fulfilment of legal obligations (in particular, in relation to the due diligence obligation).


Art. 19 Complaints


Art. 20 Tax-related and general legal aspects

The customer is responsible for due and regular taxation of its assets and as well as the income generated therefrom in accordance with the provisions in force at its tax domicile.

The customer is responsible for complying with the legislation (including tax laws) applicable to it and always abides by such statutory legislation. In particular, SMMS’ liability for tax effects is excluded.


Art. 21 Outsourcing of business areas

SMMS reserves the right to outsource business areas in whole or in part. Within the framework of outsourcing of business areas, SMMS is also entitled to transfer customer data to the service providers commissioned by it without the explicit written consent of the Customer. Customer secrecy shall be fully guaranteed. 


Art. 22 Secrecy


Art. 23 Termination 

SMMS is entitled to terminate its existing business relationships at any time at its sole discretion and without giving reasons if the Customer is in default with its payments for any service.


Art. 24 Holidays

In principle, internationally recognized holidays are valid. Since the issuers are located in different countries, each contracting party must pay attention to the official and bank holidays of the other party. Offers can be submitted at any time via SMMS.


Art. 25 Language

The ruling language for business relationships is German. In case of texts issued in foreign languages, the German text shall prevail and be used for interpretation.


Art. 26 Conclusions